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        Xiamen FUSHIDE was established in 2003.FUSHIDE is a industrial company which specialize in scientific technology,design,manufacture and sale packaging machinery.Produce multiple series packing equipment machinery.

        "Quality win reputation,Reputation create brand,Brand win market" is our marketing philosophy since FUSHIDE found.We facous on technical progress and informantion,and take serious measures to management and after-sale services. We develop and expand ourselves and also learn customers' good advice .This make our production continuously improving and creating,and more higher quality , super excellent properties and humanized structure.

        FUSHIDE as always provide nice products and service for customers whom choose high-end products. We look forward joint development and creat success.

        Our technology:

        We are techical team with high-qualified and high educational specialist . We have excellent capability of products design, quick response marketing and amend products for customer. Our ODM products can stand the test of market and time,we win customer's reconitaion.

        Our services:

        We not only provide high quality production for customers,we response customers needs with good services the first time ,meet customers' all reasonable request.

        Our objective:

        In packing machinery field ,creat domestic and international famous brand, grow up with our customers together.


        Tel: 0086 592 5058133
        0086 18950169349   Fax: +0086 592 2201468
        Wechat: 18950169349    
        E-mail:  amy@xmfsd.com 
        MIC Website: https://xmfushide.en.made-in-china.com
        Website: www.xmfsdpackingmachine.com

        Address: No. 78, Huli Industrial Park, Meixi Road, Tong'an District, Xiamen City


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