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        POF film Fully automatic L bar sealer heat shrink packaging wrapping machine

        Style No:FLB-4555A
        Voltage:220V/ 50Hz
        Power Unit:1.8KW
        Net weight:450KG
        Machine overall size:L1850*W990*H1600(mm)
        Sealing cutter size:L550*W450(mm)
        Packing size:L(100~500)*W(60~360)*H(5~140)mm
        Packing speed:20-35(Packs/min)

        Product Details Questions Online Feedback

        *Intelligentize,standardization,general construction can make the machine work stable and reliable.And it is easy to change products packing specification.

        *Optimize control syetem,make sure the packing smoothly and easily operating. *With multiple photoelectric protection, it is more safe and efficient.

        *Adopt imported name-brand electric parts,ensuring the machine in hight quality and high performance with eco-sealing & eco-cutting.

        *Adopt level and vertical photoelectric eye,can switch easyly.It is fast to do packing for thin and samll products.Very easy to finish packing.

        *Adopt most advanced PLC programming,easy operating ,which have safety protection and alarm function. * Omnibearing security protection measures,avoiding any human-machine hurt.

        *Applied to single or combined package for products in different shapes.
        Usable range
        Applied to bulk production in industy like tea leaf, food, cosmetics, printings,Health care products ,drink,rubber product,adhesive tape,bathing,and daily chemical etc.
        We reserved the rights to modify the machine parameters,and actual parameter will subject to final confirmation.

        Please feel free to contact us for more details.
        Tel:0086 592 5058133   Fax: +0086 592 2201468

        Mobile Phone: 0086 18950169349   
        Wechat: 18950169349    
        E-mail:  amy@xmfsd.com 
        MIC Website: https://xmfushide.en.made-in-china.com/
        Website: http://www.xmfsdpackingmachine.com/
        YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcHJmYwUbu-a3qge34KpSuA

        Address: No. 78, Huli Industrial Park, Meixi Road, Tong'an District, Xiamen City

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