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        Fully automatic side sealer sealing heat shrink film packing packaging wrapping wrap packmachine

        Style No:FLB-5018ABQ
        Power Unit:1.8K W
        Air pressure:4-6K g/ cm2
        Net weight:695K G
        Machine overall size:L2045*W(1350-1570)*H1395(mm)
        Sealing cutter size:500(mm)
        Packing size:L(100~unlimited)*W(60~380)*H(5~160)mm
        Packing speed:20-40(Pack/min)

        Product Details Questions Online Feedback

        *Adopting Taiwan HIWIN line slide rail,Sealing cutter work stable from vertical or up to down.Sealing line is firm. *Especial sealing edge design,simple construction, lifter adjusting easy,this can apply to infinite packing.
        *The sealing line is always in the middle of packing products.
        *Lifting speed of sealing blade is adjustable speed, adapting to different heights of product.
        *Adopt level and vertical photoelectric eye,can switch easyly.It is fast to do packing for thin and samll products. Very easy to finish packing.
        *Adopt most advanced PLC programming,easy operating ,which have safety protection and alarm function.
        *Applied to single or combined package for products in different shapes.
        Usable range
        Applied to bulk production in industy like tea leaf, food, wallpaper, hardware, cosmetics, medicine, ceramics, beverages, rubber products, adhesive tape, bathing, building materials,chemical products,electronics, color box, greeting cards, photo albums, photo frames and other handicrafts.
        Technical data

        We reserved the rights to modify the machine parameters,and actual parameter will subject to final confirmation.
        Tel: 0086 592 5058133

        Phone: +0086 18950169349   Fax: +0086 592 2201468
        Wechat: 18950169349    
        E-mail:  lisa@xmfsd.com 
        MIC Website: https://xmfushide.en.made-in-china.com
        Website: http://www.xmfsdpackingmachine.com
        YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcHJmYwUbu-a3qge34KpSuA

        Address: No. 78, Huli Industrial Park, Meixi Road, Tong'an District, Xiamen City

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